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ATON SECURITY s.r.o. company
Private investigation, guarding and protection service


Physical personal security-protection services

  • Personal protection and guarding, including VIP (short-term, medium-term, long-term)
  • Escort of persons transporting financial articles
  • Protection against paparazzi

Physical personal security – provision of suitable escort during social, business and ‘risky’ meetings and negotiations. Our employees are professionally trained, and suitably dressed and equipped according to client’s requirements, considering the current operational situation, under which the task is to be completed, including selection of suitable, safe transport means and material and technical equipment.

Private investigation services

  • Investigation and finding of information and evidence regarding natural persons and legal entities
  • Monitoring of persons and assets
  • Services for attorney’s agencies according to § 89 Part. 2 of the Penal Code
  • Targeted search of missing persons, assets and debtors
  • Uncovering and proving of minor as well as serious criminal activities in companies, warehouses, supermarkets etc.
  • Detection of failure to observe medical regime (since 01.01.2009)

Special services

  • Protection against industrial espionage (in general, technical inspections, detection and deactivation of linear as well as nonlinear electronic equipment, protection against linear and nonlinear electronic equipment)
  • Proposals of security projects, audits and methods of solution of security issues for natural and persons and legal entities
  • Surveillance of persons and assets (surveillance, contra-surveillance, protection against surveillance)
  • Consultancy in the area of criminal issues, finding and verifying of information
  • Securing of business meetings
  • Negotiations, alternatively physical contact with persons, our client is not willing to meet
  • Risk items delivery

Debts exacting

Complex and commercial debts processing, collecting, debts purchase, pledge and securing operations, execution, complete legal service, credits, solvency, liabilities solution and management, protection of client’s interests.