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ATON SECURITY s.r.o. company
Private investigation, guarding and protection service


We provide physical guarding of premises and fixed assets

Complex solution of security issues of the guarded premises according to their characteristics, for instance a production factory, monetary institution, business centre, including provision of reception, telephone and postal services.

Our security workers may provide mostly the following duties during the physical premises protection:

  • Prevention of forced entry into the premises
  • Controlling of entry of persons, vehicles entering and exiting, including loads
  • Key holding and distribution to authorised persons
  • Providing information to visitors according to client’s requirements
  • Prevention of possible criminal activities via round guarding
  • Operation of switchboards
  • Providing of other contracted activities according to client’s requirements

The main task is to provide protection of assets and persons against theft, burglary, fire and personal security.

We provide a non-stop operation and demanding controlling activity with the target to provide the highest possible quality of physical security of premises. All learned information is communicated to the client and used to their advantage.

Operating through a nominated personal contact within the client company’s management gives us an indisputable advantage. Management provides methodical-controlling activities with the employees directly on the premises.

Furthermore, we implement the P.E.S. Round Controls System free of charge. This system allows exact control of carried out rounds and based on continuous evaluation any mistakes or imperfections regarding the premises security may be corrected and improved upon immediately.

We provide workers of good quality including suitable uniforms that will emphasise representation of your company.

Job vacancies:

Physical security guard position

What you need to work for us

  • Valid Identification Card
  • Health insurance card
  • Proof of No Criminal Record, not older than 3 months
  • Previous employments record or confirmation of registration at the job office
  • Medical entry check-up record from the company GP of Aton Security or your own GP (we will provide suitable contacts during the job interview)